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Greetings and Salutations

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Welcome to my little world. This is the place where I come to faff off, be foolish, and basically fangirl like I'm 16 all over again. If you're interested in getting to know me just drop me a line here in this post. Ask me questions, tell me what your favorite word is (mine is milk), or express your undying love of all things llama related. I can pretty much promise I will reply.

This journal is partially Friends Only. All picspam and episode posts will remain unlocked.

[reposted post] Announcement: Reunion Dates and Schedule of Events!

Spend time going back to LJ, back to Harry Potter fandom, and back to friends! Read, write, draw, reminisce, and remember how much we loved - and still do - the Harry Potter Fandom!

The reunion will be held November 1st to November 16th . We really want the reunion to have a feeling like it was back then on LJ, including an active flist, filled with various things we all enjoyed - fic, art, meta, and the sense of sharing our love. So there will be events both here and in various other communities around LJ.

Right now we have three communities with events happening around the reunion:

rhr_smutfest (link)
snarry_games (link)
harryronreunion (link)
hd_fan_fair (link)
takingitinturns (link Harry/Ginny)
hpef (link)
pissed_potter (link)

And we'd LOVE more! I've sent some PMs to active communities, but if I missed yours or, even if you don't have a community, but want to start one, please consider hosting an event. It doesn't have to be a fic/art exchange. Even if it's a themed commentfest on your own LJ or a .gif party at a commuity you mod, any event is welcome and will be shared here. If you want to host an event, please send me a link to the intro post and we'll share it here.

Schedule of Events in the Main Community

*** In addition to the events below, we're aso planning on hosting book and movie discussions, but we're looking for people to help with those. If you're interested, please comment on the post. ***

- Every weekday during the reunion a post will go up in the main community encouraging people to write their own flist entry pretending that it's the day of (or after) a certain HP event - "Pretend you just got back from seeing 'Prisoner of Azkaban'" - OR go find the entry you made back then and reblog it.

- Daily books and movies discussions.

 - A commentfest will open on the first day of the reunion. Any pairing, any genre, any theme is allowed. It will remain open for the entire reunion for prompts/fills.

More Events!Collapse )

And we need you to get the word out! Nudge people who you'd like to see come back. Share this post on tumblr and twitter. Try to reach as many people as you can. Let's bring them back!

& November 12

Today's post is brought to you by disaster. In case you haven't heard (and really, how could you not have heard by now???) Typhoon Haiyan massively hit the Philippines on Friday, leaving behind mass destruction and devastation. Relief efforts are slowly able to start coming in (inability to port or land hindered this effort).

Here's a few ways you can help:

Fandomaid has once again stepped to the plate because fandom, at it's heart, is a group of amazing people. This a fundraising buy now opportunity instead of their normal auction.

Doctors without Borders - you can make donations on their site in variations of 50.00 increments but they also allow you to "name your price" in the other options tab. You can also specify if you want your donation to only go to Philippines relief efforts.

The American Red Cross

Oxfam - a UK site that will deliver water and sanitation materials.

World Food Program - terrific website that will provide nutritional biscuits (high protein, easily portable) to countries in need.

Disasters Emergency Committee - a UK site providing help to several areas of the world currently in crisis.

I am leaving this post open in order to try to boost the signal. If you know of any other terrific charities that I should add to the list please let me know in the comments. Please feel free to share this post with others on your flist.

& The last 24 hours

In the last 24 hours, hell, no, the last 12 hours my heart has broken twice.

I went to bed enraged with the American judicial system and awoke to the horrible news that Cory Monteith has passed away. It's enough to make me want to crawl under my bed and cry for awhile.

& Birchbox (April)

I started my "staycation" 30 minutes ago and arrived home to find my Birchbox had arrived. Oh happy ending to a reasonably yucky day. Why is it the last day of work before you leave is always so stressful?

this month's goodiesCollapse )

On a side note I purchased a few ebooks for my kindle after some recs on Twitter. One of them (Timshel) I devoured in less than a day even though these were meant to be for my time off. Oops.


& run you clever boy

1. Made THIS absolutely scrumptious chipolte sweet potato soup for dinner tonight. Allergy free and delicious. I made mine with a little extra spice, lemon juice and coconut milk. So yummy (and ridiculously simple).

2. DW - The Bells of Saint John (Returns, Clara and a possible spoiler capture?)Collapse )
oh. how lovely. another blizzard with winds rattling my old Victorian windows in their frames so badly I fear them shattering in their cases. At least the snow is going to be less than a foot this time around.

let's play a game, shall we? a game of words.

in 200 words or less tell me about your OTP, leaving out their names. I'll try to see if I can properly guess your pairing. Others can join in as well (especially since I tend to fail at all pairings outside of Merthur and Sterek).

Fun, ne?

or you know, just pop over for a visit and a spot of tea?
In which Jerome Flynn is amazingCollapse )

My downloads aren't running well tonight so no caps right now. Although if I can get it going there are some gorgeous shots I really want to grab.

& Ripper Street (The Good of This City)

Ok, so I probably won't be able to screen cap this every week since the boy also really loves this show and that means it gets played on the big telly instead of my laptop. But I really wanted to share the pretty and the characters with everyone because I am quickly becoming obsessed and will probably be babbling on about this weekly. I have purposefully left out any scenes which were too gory or violent in hopes not to trigger anyone if at all possible. This show does deal with subject matters which might not be for everyone.

a down and dirty introduction via episode fourCollapse )

And that's it. Now, if anyone say wants to use my caps for any reason (*Jackson icon - cough cough*) please feel free to do so. No need to credit, etc.


This has nothing to do with a pie fetish

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